Do you have a group you paint with that would be interested in a custom workshop? Get 3-6 of your friends together for in studio or up to 12 people for on location workshops. 

Marina can teach a 1, 2- or 3-day class catered specifically to your groups' interest!

$80 All supplies included

            Classes include: Palm Paintings, Butterfliy painting Series, Flower Painting Series, Fashion Illustration series - portraits and croquis

Want to make your own repeat prints and separate for screen printing? Want to design your own logo? Need to put your portfolio together? Marina offers a variety of small group + private classes to suit your needs.

$175/ 2-hour session, plus one on one with Marina.

Bring your own laptop with Adobe Photoshop + illustrator.

Classes include: Photoshop images, logo design + development, portfolio development, print and pattern in photoshop + Illustrator

Sessions: Feb – March – April

Tues, Thursday: 6-9pm + Saturdays 1-4pm 

 $250/ Private lessons available by request.

Depending on the class size, Marina will teach in her studio at 96 Vine Ave or can travel to your home or event space. Marina enjoys destination workshops, just ask!