HI! I’m Marina Billinghurst.

A Vancouver native now Torontonian.

I’m an artist, fashion designer, teacher, creative director, wife and animal lover. My happiest days are spent making art, sharing it with you and showing you how I do it.

Most days you can find me in my little studio in the junction – listening to unplugged acoustic anything, painting with watercolours or making dream boards. I am mostly known for my accents and impersonations, and my slow cooker chilli.

My humanitarian- at – heart’s dream is to help give back to what inspires me most. The Ocean. I am working to give back to the coral reef and all endangered sea life. I’m starting my mission this year.

People often refer to me as a dreamer and a motivational speaker (think Chris Farley SNL); I talk a lot and love to inspire others.

I love serving the world by sharing my skills and helping others turn their passion into talent and potentially a career. I’m here to help all those who want to know how I do what I do and LOVE teaching and sharing all that I have learned.

The things I am most passionate about are my Family, the Arts, the Ocean and the seas. I practice being kind to myself and to others. As an aspiring artist, I have been showcasing my work at the Toronto Artist Project and The One of a Kind Show in Toronto. I’m so excited to have illustrated a Children’s book – Happy Hippos Have Healthy Hips by Laura Fox, my lifelong friend.

As I designer I have worked in fashion for 15 year! I have created original patterns, logos, fashion collections, illustrations, catalogs and overall creative direction for clients such as Joe Boxer, Ben Sherman, Sears, HBC, Drake General Store, Walmart, Joe Fresh, Crista Nicole, Melmira Boutique and Karma Athletics.

When I am not busy you can find me on the beach collecting seashells. That is where my husband and I belong. Problem is I am always busy and we live in Toronto, so when I’m not busy –  I’m actually at home on the couch with my dog Chino and cat Stormi with laptop on my lap – earl gray tea in my mug– extra honey.