Hello Friends! I am super excited that on this very first day of Spring in 2019 – about 2 years since my last post…(eeek!) – I have decided to bring my blog back. Now let me get this clear, I am definitely not a writer by any means, so this won’t be perfect… So why am I blogging again might you ask? Many reasons, but most importantly to share with you my work and to
Hello Beauties! For my second Youtube Video, I decided to teach a watercolour Rose tutorial in time for Valentines Day. Why not make something for someone special? Watch and see the methods I use to make simple and beginner roses. I also have rose line drawings I made just for you so you can follow along if you need a guide. Just click on the rose below to download =) Otherwise, I encourage you to


Hi and Welcome to my the Art of Marina Blog site. This is a place where I share my world of art and creativity in fashion design + development as well as fine art, with YOU. If you want a place to learn painting techniques or how to decorate your studio, balance a new business lifestyle or to get just get inspired on girly illustrations, you came to the right place!