It's Wearable Art

Every print is hand painted by Marina Billinghurst. Her signature drippy foliage and bold + lush strokes, are the soul of her artwork.

Ethical, Sustainable + Organic.

We pride in being a conscious brand, we strive to use only ethical and organic fibers from around the world, and other than Kimonos, we produce most of our product in Toronto. 


  • "Marina's Kimonos are made of some kind of Magic, I wear it and feel like I can do anything"
    - Teresa
  • "Instant confidence booster - when I don't feel beautiful some days, the kimonos does that for me - I put it on and just like that - I feel beautiful."
    - Stephanie
  • "Art of Marina prints are timeless and absolutely breathtaking, it's true, you feel like you are wearing art"
    - Louise